Birch (Dakota Pinnacle) #5

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Dakota Pinnacle Birch is a hardy deciduous tree with a columnar to narrowly pyramidal form. It makes a beautiful accent tree, and Dakota Pinnacle Birch is insect resistant and drought tolerant. Dakota Pinnacle Birch features smooth white bark and dark, green foliage that turns yellow in the fall.


The leaves will turn a vibrant gold color in the fall, making this an incredibly beautiful tree.  It is hardy for Saskatchewan (the seed orchard it was born in is just outside of Prince Albert) and will grow in just about anything except clay.  It may need some watering at the beginning until it is established.  They also shoot minimal suckers, making this an easy tree to take care of.  Grows fast and lives about 40 years, to about 40 feet in height.

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Current Height 4 feet
Pot Type #5
Potential Height 40 feet
Potential Spread 10 feet
Growth Rate Fast
Light Full Sun, Partial Shade
Zone 2