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Almond (Russian) #2

A small, globe-shaped plant with shiny, narrow leaves. The attractive single, rose-red flowers appear in May and are followed by fuzzy, almond-like fruit.



Barberry (Concorde ®)

This dwarf variety has smooth, velvety purple foliage and a great compact form. It is well suited for a low growing border.



Birch (Golden Treasure Cesky Gold™ Dwarf)

Cesky Gold™ provides low-maintenance colour even in cold climates. Small, tidy leaves emerge red-orange and age to sunny gold.



Boxwood (Calgary)

A favoured shrub in highly stylized landscapes. The Calgary Boxwood is a dense, low, rounded evergreen shrub with small, glossy, dark green foliage. A great border, low hedge or shaped accent.


Burning Bush (Fire Ball ®)

The branches have interesting corky ridges which protrude from the bark. Deep green foliage throughout the summer gives way to brilliant red and long-lasting fall coloration. The plant will perform in a variety of soil types and locations. Proven Winners® Color Choice® Flowering Shrubs.



Burning Bush (Turkestanica)

The narrow dark green leaves on this shrub turn a brilliant red in fall and persist throughout the winter. The late summer fruit pods are a noticeable pink colour against the dark foliage.



Cedar (Anna’s Magic Ball ®)

Anna’s Magic Ball® arborvitae is a cute little sphere of cheerful yellow foliage. It was developed in Canada, so you know that this little plant isn’t bothered by winter weather and holds its color all year-round. This nifty little native evergreen needs no pruning to keep its tight, rounded shape and makes a nice addition to perennial beds, rock gardens, troughs and containers, or any landscape project. It’s petite size and well-behaved manner makes it an especially nice choice for smaller yards and gardens. Evergreen.



Cedar (Danica)

A truly dwarf globe-shaped evergreen shrub, very slow growing; excellent for garden detail use and for rock gardens; hardy and adaptable; best with adequate sun; protect from drying winds; requires a sheltered location.



Cedar (Filip's Magic Moment)

Filips Magic Moment’ arborvitae naturally grows as a dense little cone, making it the perfect choice for planting near entryways or anywhere you want a formal but not stuffy living accent. The outer growth emerges a cheerful yellow, which persists all year-round. No pruning is needed to keep this handsome shape! Evergreen.



Cherry (Black Nanking) #2

Nanking Cherry is a small deciduous shrub known for its attractive white blossoms and edible fruit. Its dark red berries are excellent for pies, jellies, and even fresh eating.



Cherry (Cistena)

The deep reddish purple foliage makes this shrub stand out all season long. It is a very popular plant in the landscape and provides excellent contrast.



Cherry (Nanking) #2

Nanking Cherry is a small deciduous shrub known for its attractive white blossoms and edible fruit. Its dark red berries are excellent for pies, jellies, and even fresh eating.



Dogwood (Bud's Yellowtwig)

An improved yellow-stemmed selection that has better foliage, more consistent bark colour and better cold hardiness. A Boughen Nursery introduction.



Dogwood (Cream Cracker ™)

This lovely dogwood boasts a compact, rounded form with green leaves and striking creamy golden margins. Developed as an improvement on the old mottled dogwood.



Dogwood (Ivory Halo)

Best grown in organically rich, consistently moist, fertile, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Tolerant of a wide range of soils. Established shrubs tolerate some dry soils as well as occasional standing water. Trim roots with a spade and promptly remove root suckers if colonial spread is undesired.