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Dogwood (Red Osier)

This native dogwood is very attractive when the leaves turn red in the fall. Red twigs contrast with the snow in the winter. White berries are enjoyed by songbirds. Prefers moist habitats.



Dogwood (Silver Charm)

A colorful and extremely hardy accent shrub with bright green and white summer foliage that progresses to yellow hues in fall, and striking dark red stems in winter; very versatile from a landscape perspective and quite carefree.


False Spirea (Sem)

This plant will forever change the way you think about Sorbaria! Wonderful pinkish red foliage appears in spring and slowly changes to a take on a greenish hue. Masses of creamy white blossoms cover the plant in summer. Excellent as a compact accent plant or dense hedge.



False Sunflower (Summer Sun)

Summer Sun False Sunflower has masses of beautiful gold daisy flowers at the ends of the stems from early summer to mid fall, which are most effective when planted in groupings. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Its serrated oval leaves remain green in colour throughout the season.


Fern (Lady In Red)

This selection features vibrant burgundy stems contrasting beautifully with the lacy green fronds. The burgundy color in the stems develops fully after the second dormancy. Excellent accent plant.



Fern (Maidenhair)

The Maidenhair Fern emits a lovely fragrance, which decorates rooms, gardens and balconies as a standing or hanging plant. The pretty contrast between the evergreen leaves and the dark stems puts a colorful accent into any room or outdoor area.



Flame Mukgenia (Nova ™)

This hybrid is an amazing combination with dark pink flower, jagged leaves’ edges, and great fall colour. Long lived and good in containers.



Forsythia (Show Off ® Sugar Baby ®)

Bring the brilliant flowers of forsythia down to a compact, manageable form and you have Sugar Baby! This plant is packed with intense colour and is perfect for smaller yards and gardens. Proven Winners® Color Choice® Flowering Shrubs.



Foxglove (White - Snow Thimble)

Similar in form to other foxglove selections but with bright white flowers and a very upright habit.



Geranium (Rozanne® Cranesbill)

Known for masses of saucer-shaped flowers which keep coming from early summer until frost comes. Lush green foliage sets off the delicately veined flowers. Perennial Plant of the Year 2008.



Gooseberry (Hinnonmaki Red)

Hinnonmaki Red produces large red fruit which is excellent for eating fresh as well as making tarts and jams.



Grape (Brianna)

Brianna is a medium to large grape that is greenish gold in colour. Slip skin grape. The flavour is very fruity with hints of tropical fruit like pineapple and mango. While it makes an excellent seeded table grape it is most popular as a juice grape, imparting a unique and complex flavour. The vine is an early producer with good vigour and productivity. It gives medium sized clusters within an orderly growth habit.



Grape (Kay Gray)

Kay Gray is a medium sized green grape with an almost golden coloration. It has a firm but yielding texture and slip skin. The grape is juicy and low in acid. The favour is mildly sweet with fruity undertones, an excellent table grape. The vine is a good producer, ripening in early September and gives grapes in many small clusters.



Grape (Valiant)

Valiant is similar to Beta but matures earlier and exhibits more hardiness. It is a prolific producer and is excellent for making wine and jellies. An excellent choice for the prairies.



Grass (Avalanche Feather Reed)

A great new variegated form of feather reed grass with similar habit to the well known Karl Foerster. The leaves are green with a bright white margin. Feathery seed heads form in late summer and persist through fall and winter for excellent late season appeal.