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Tickseed (Leading Lady Lauren)

The Leading Lady Series was bred to flower earlier and keep blooming all summer. It is cold and heat tolerant, mildew resistant, and flowers in the first year. This selection features masses of large, single yellow flowers.



Tickseed (Moonswirl)

This selection features rich golden yellow semi-double blooms which come in early summer and are very long-lasting. Improved hardiness and disease resistance.



Viburnum (Snowball)

Snowball produces large clusters of white flowers in June that look like giant snowballs. A very hardy and vigorous shrub.



Virginia Creeper

This is a very popular climbing vine due to its hardiness and vigor. The large green leaves turn to bright shades of red in the fall.



Weigela (Minuet)

Enjoy a spectacular display of rosy-pink blooms against a backdrop of purple-tinged foliage. Use to add color in shrub borders or as a garden accent. Deciduous.



Weigela (Rumba)

A compact, densely rounded, deciduous shrub growing only to 3' tall with a similar spread. Primarily grown for its profuse, funnel-shaped, wine-red/yellow-throated flowers and its elliptic to obovate, purple-edged, yellowish-green foliage (to 4" long). Bloom occurs singly or in clusters all along the branches of the previous year's growth, frequently covering the entire shrub with flowers in June-July, with a less showy, intermittent repeat bloom occurring throughout the remaining summer.



Willow (Flame)

This variety is named for the bright orange-red stems exhibited year round. Foliage remains a glossy green throughout the summer but has lovely golden yellow fall colour.



Willow (Golden)

Golden Willow is an attractive accent tree that's perfectly suited for those moist or wet areas on your property.  This fast growing tree has glossy narrow leaves that turn gold in fall, furrowed brown bark and showy gold branches that especially stand out in the winter.  Golden Willow is commonly used for windbreaks, shelterbelts, and ornamental planting. In addition to looking great, Golden Willow attracts a variety of birds and mammals with its twigs and buds.  All willow are important to native pollinators each spring as they have higher amounts of pollen and nectar early each growing season when other food sources are scarce.



Willow (Lace Weeping)

A fast-growing, weeping willow with long, bright-green leaves that turn yellow in fall. An excellent choice for wet locations.



Willow (Laurel Leaf)

This moderately-sized tree has glossy green, oval-shaped foliage and a broad, upright habit. Yellow catkins appear in spring. This deciduous plant thrives when it has a good moisture source.