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Peony (Sorbet)

Double layers, alternating of soft-pink and ivory.



Peony (Tom Cat)

Light, creamy yellow centers against a backdrop of bright carmine red. Petaloids top off the center for an extra splash of red on this unique blossom. Slightly fragrant. Peonies have large, spectacular blooms in late spring to early summer.



Plum (Pembina)

A popular hardy fruit tree with showy fragrant white flowers in spring and purple-red fruit in late summer, great for eating fresh and cooking; open and wide spreading, ideal for the home orchard; recommended pollinators are Brookred Plum and Toka Plum.


Plum (Tecumseh)

A hardy fruit tree with pretty fragrant white flowers in spring and tasty bright red fruit in late summer, great for eating fresh, open spreading habit of growth; an ideal selection for the home orchard; needs full sun, well-drained soil and a pollinator.


Poplar (Assiniboine)

This hardy deciduous tree produces natural upright growth with a somewhat pyramidal habit. Rich green foliage changes to shades of yellow in the fall. Resistant to stem canker, leaf rust and poplar bud gall mite.



Poplar (Okanese)

This hardy deciduous tree is fast growing with upright, narrow growth. Rich green foliage changes to shades of yellow in the fall. Disease resistant and drought tolerant.



Poplar (Prairie Sky)

This tree is highly desired for its upright growth habit and neat appearance. It grows very rapidly (1m/season) and is resistant to rust and canker.



Poplar (Sundancer)

This great poplar hybrid comes as a PFRA introduction and was selected for great upright and narrow growth as well as resistance to the bronze leaf disease.



Potentilla (Coronation Triumph)

‘Coronation Triumph’ is a 3 to 4 foot tall cultivar with a dense, mounded habit. Foliage is a soft green and flowers are bright yellow and prolific. Bushy, compact, deciduous shrub with pinnate leaves. Flowers are saucer shaped and come in a variety of colors, yellow being most common. These hardy plants flower continuously from June through October with little preference to soil or water conditions.



Potentilla (Mandarin Tango ®)

A compact shrub whose abundant orange flowers have a touch of red from its ‘Red Robin’ parent. An improvement over ‘Mango Tango’ with a long season of bloom. USPPAF



Potentilla (Pink Beauty)

A distinctive potentilla with semi-double flowers in a very attractive medium-pink.  In very extreme heat the flowers will develop a lighter pink colour.  The superior plant vigour results in this potentilla having a long flowering duration.  The bright-green foliage is bushy and forms a mounded shrub.



Raspberry (Wyoming)

A hardy disease-resistant variety producing black fruit with great aroma and flavor on a wiry shrub with enormous canes; this variety is non-suckering; raspberries are quite shrubby looking and requires a specific pruning regimen and protection from birds.



Rose (Aurora Borealis)

Developed by the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, Vineland, Ontario, Canada. Aurora Borealis is part of the 49th Parallel Collection of roses.



Rose (Canadian Shield™)

Canadian Shield® is a low-maintenance versatile garden and landscape rose with a spread of 100 cm and a height of 125 cm, plenty of full, red flowers and glossy green foliage. It’s a repeat bloomer that stays stunning throughout the entire garden season. Just as its name suggests, Canadian Shield® is a hardy flower, resistant to disease and is winter hardy from coast to coast.



Rose (Chinook Sunrise)

The second addition to Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection of roses. This incredible rose blooms in a flush with a riot of exotic coral colours. Gardeners will love this low-maintenance beauty measuring 150cm in height with an almost 150cm spread, black spot tolerance and winter hardiness across Canada.