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Obedience Plant (Miss Manners)

Excellent displays of pure white spikes of flowers throughout the summer. The habit of this plant is tidy and it will not spread around like some other Physostegia.



Obedience Plant (Rose Crown)

The pale pink blooms are tubular in shape and flower up the stem. This variety is native to Ontario. Attracts Butterflies and is deer resistant. Flowers can be used for cut flowers. Prefers moist to boggy soils.



Originating from Greece, Oregano is a lovely low maintenance plant that does well in a moderate climate. Closely related to the mint family it has an earthy and peppermint like flavour profile, most often used in flavouring meats. 



Pear (Early Gold)

A hardy pear tree with white flowers in spring, good fall colour and oval shape; small high quality greenish fruit is good for fresh eating; self-pollinating but increased production with a pollinator; resistant to fireblight.



Pear (Prairie Welcome)

Prairie Welcome shows good growth, healthy foliage and upright form. Its fruit ripens in early September and is larger than ‘Ure’. Excellent for preserves.



Peony (Bartzella)

This is a vigorous plant with an abundance of huge semi double to double lemon yellow blooms and small red flares that glow in the afternoon sun. The large, well formed blossoms carried high above the green foliage also make great cut flowers. This variety is certainly a favourite.



Peony (Coral Charm)

Deep coral buds open to coral-peach.  4-6" blooms.



Peony (Edulis Superba)

If you’ve ever driven past old New England farms and seen large plantings of vibrant pink peonies, overloaded with flowers, then you have no doubt met Edulis Superba.


Edulis Superba was first grown in 1824 - almost 200 years ago! And there’s a reason it’s still popular. Edulis Superba is the whole package - amazing fragrance, vibrant color and beautiful flower form.



Peony (Itoh - Callie's Memory)

The large, semi-double flowers appear mid-season and are yellow-cream in colour, edged in a deeper russet, with maroon flares and picotee edge. Very showy.



Peony (Itoh - Canary Brilliants)

This brilliant Itoh is semi-double to fully double. The flowers are yellow to creamy yellow with apricot hues in center. Some blooms remain light yellow while others become very brilliant in color.



Peony (Itoh - Cora Louise)

Large, white semi-double blooms with deep lavender to purple flares are massive and a real showpiece. Strong stems hold the blooms above the dark green foliage. Excellent fragrance.



Peony (Itoh - Pastel Splendour)

Large creamy-yellow flowers with dark maroon blotches in the centre.  Phase 2 flowers change to a blush tone.



Peony (Itoh - Prairie Charm)

This midseason Itoh hybrid peony produces semi-double, clear yellow flowers. At the base of each petal is a large dark red-purple flare, and all this encircles a prominent center of creamy white and green. Excellent garden performance.



Peony (Reine Hortense)

Introduced by a French breeder in 1857, this free-flowering peony is one of the oldest in cultivation. Its huge, pale rose-pink blooms have fluffy petals with crimson-flecked centres and silver, notched tips. These sensational flowers, which are renowned for their beauty and not their fragrance, have a long vase life. Tall, sturdy-stemmed Reine Hortense has ornamental foliage from spring to fall.