Coneflower (Purple)

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Purple Coneflowers are quintessential prairie plants. They are hardy, drought-tolerant, and long-blooming, and they are being cultivated in an ever-widening range of colors. It's hard to find a garden without at least one variety.  Purple Coneflower is by far the most popular variety of coneflower. It has a fibrous root system, rather than the long tap root and woody crown found in other native species, and it is more adaptable to garden conditions and more forgiving of dividing and transplanting.




  • Comes in a 3.5" plastic pot
  • Each pot contains a single perennial Purple Coneflower
  • Will be made available in the Saskatoon area May 1st, 2020 through May long weekend for pick-up
  • Come with care instructions & cultivar information