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Astilbe (Erica)

This astilbe presents upright, bright pink plumes formed on deep red stems. The foliage starts the season out red and slowly turns to green. An excellent cut flower that lasts and lasts in the vase.


$25.00  $20.00

Butterfly Flower

Leathery green foliage forms a nice bush with deep orange flowers in mid to late summer. Perennial Plant of the Year 2017.

$13.00  $10.40

Butterfly Flower (Hello Yellow)

This virtually hassle-free perennial offers three months of golden yellow blooms from early through late summer. The flowers, which are heavily laden with nectar and pollen, are particularly attractive to hummingbirds, Monarch butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects.


$13.00  $10.40


Chrysanthemums are a great annual to add color to your garden, or to pot as a gift.  They also attract pests away from other more valuable plants, such as thrips.  For that reason, they can also be used as companion plants in greenhouse operations.


$4.00  $3.20

Coneflower (Herbstsonne / Autumn Sun)

Forms a massive upright clump with tall stalks of lemon yellow daisies. Excellent for cutting.  Birds are attracted to and eat the seed heads in the fall.

$14.00  $11.20

Coneflower (Prairie Glow)

This plant is a clump forming, well -branched, strong, upright plant with red-brown stems with 8cm across bronzy-orange and yellow daisy-like flowers from early summer until frost.


$9.00  $7.20

Coneflower (Purple)

Purple Coneflowers are quintessential prairie plants. They are hardy, drought-tolerant, and long-blooming, and they are being cultivated in an ever-widening range of colors. It's hard to find a garden without at least one variety.  Purple Coneflower is by far the most popular variety of coneflower. It has a fibrous root system, rather than the long tap root and woody crown found in other native species, and it is more adaptable to garden conditions and more forgiving of dividing and transplanting.


$2.50  $2.00

Coneflower (Soft Orange)

A seed grown variety that produces highly uniform plants in flower and growth habit. Dark orange flowers soften to a lighter orange as they age; plants will bloom all summer.


WARNING:  This plant is NOT hardy in most of Saskatchewan.  Put it in a container / pot and place it on your deck, driveway, or other visible location with full sun.  Store it for the winter in an unheated garage or similar location, after trimming the entire plant to about an inch tall.


$7.00  $5.60

Daisy (Livingston)

This tender annual produces beautiful daisy-like flowers in a great variety of brilliant colors.  Plants are easy to grow and do best in cool, sunny locations.  Ideal for mass plantings in beds and borders.  Popular as a ground cover in rock gardens, along slopes, and cascading over walls.  Flowers close on cloudy days.


$4.00  $3.20

Daisy (Painted)

Painted daisies are perennials that are white, pink, or red with yellow centers, long stems, and finely divided fern-like foliage.  Use as medium height plants in the summer flower border or cut flower garden.


$5.00  $4.00

Daisy (Shasta)

Shasta daisies are an all time favorite perennial.  Each distinctive plant produces masses of gorgeous long stemmed flowers all summer long.  Individual flowers measure up to 4-5 inches (10-13 cm) across and have white petals and contrasting small yellow centers.  Their beautiful flowers make superior, long lasting cut flowers.


$5.00  $4.00

Dogwood (Bud's Yellowtwig)

An improved yellow-stemmed selection that has better foliage, more consistent bark colour and better cold hardiness. A Boughen Nursery introduction.


$28.00  $22.40

Dogwood (Pagoda)

Native to southern Manitoba, this large shrub offers horizontal tiered branching. White flow-ers produce blue fruit in fall. Can be pruned to a single stem to make an accent plant.


$30.00  $24.00

Dogwood (Red Osier)

This native dogwood is very attractive when the leaves turn red in the fall. Red twigs contrast with the snow in the winter. White berries are enjoyed by songbirds. Prefers moist habitats.


$20.00  $16.00

Foxglove (White - Snow Thimble)

Similar in form to other foxglove selections but with bright white flowers and a very upright habit.


$6.00  $4.80