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Solomon's Seal (Variegated)

Strong arching stems of bright variegated foliage form a dense and slowly spreading clump. In early summer the stems are thick with little hanging bells that are delicate and sweetly fragrant. Perennial Plant of the Year 2013.



Speedwell (Moody Blues ® Sky Blue)

Compact growing perennial with medium green foliage that is highlighted by spikes of soft blue flowers all summer into fall. Great in borders or containers. Propagation is prohibited.



Speedwell (Purpleicious)

This perennial is a wonderful summer blooming treat. It produces bright purple flower spikes in early summer until fall. It is also nice in a mixed container.



Spiderwort (Bilberry Ice)

These flowers are lilac with white edges and are produced steadily for months on end. The foliage forms a dense clump and requires minimal effort for great performance.



Spirea (Double Play® Painted Lady ®)

Love variegated plants? Love them even more when they are super easy care? Double Play® Painted Lady® spirea belongs in your landscape. Splashy green, yellow, and cream variegated leaves ensure a non-stop show, even when the plant isn’t peppered with bright pink blooms. Like most spiraea, it is drought tolerant, deer resistant, and grows well in sun or part shade.



Tickseed (Leading Lady Lauren)

The Leading Lady Series was bred to flower earlier and keep blooming all summer. It is cold and heat tolerant, mildew resistant, and flowers in the first year. This selection features masses of large, single yellow flowers.



Tickseed (Moonswirl)

This selection features rich golden yellow semi-double blooms which come in early summer and are very long-lasting. Improved hardiness and disease resistance.



Weigela (Minuet)

Enjoy a spectacular display of rosy-pink blooms against a backdrop of purple-tinged foliage. Use to add color in shrub borders or as a garden accent. Deciduous.



Weigela (Rumba)

A compact, densely rounded, deciduous shrub growing only to 3' tall with a similar spread. Primarily grown for its profuse, funnel-shaped, wine-red/yellow-throated flowers and its elliptic to obovate, purple-edged, yellowish-green foliage (to 4" long). Bloom occurs singly or in clusters all along the branches of the previous year's growth, frequently covering the entire shrub with flowers in June-July, with a less showy, intermittent repeat bloom occurring throughout the remaining summer.



Wisteria (Blue Moon)

Bred in Minnesota, so it's one of the few Wisterias that can be enjoyed by Northern gardeners! It blooms in early summer, rests a bit and starts all over again, and can even bloom a third time. This native selection grows to 15-25', so give it a sturdy support like an arbor, pergola or wall. Needs no pruning to bloom, but flowers best in full sun.