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Hydrangea (Fire Light ®)

Fire Light™ is a terrific new plant with upright, dense flower heads that transform from pure White to rich pomegranate-pink. The thick and sturdy stems make a great presentation in the landscape. Proven Winners® Color Choice® Flowering Shrubs.



Hydrangea (Invincibelle Wee White ®)

Small space? No problem! Invincibelle Wee White® hydrangea is a dwarf ‘Anabelle’ type hydrangea. It’s a tidy boquet of white flowers borne on sturdy stems. Blooms all summer.



Hydrangea (Little Lime ®)

Little Lime is a dwarf form of the ever popular Limelight and sports the same great flowers and colour scheme, except it is about one third the size and is a great fit for smaller urban landscapes. Proven Winners® Color Choice® Flowering Shrubs.



Hydrangea (Pinky Winky ®)

Pinky Winky™ is truly amazing because of its hardiness and vigorous flower production. Blooms are often 30cm long and cover the plant all over. Use as a specimen plant or for a stunning hedge. Proven Winners® Color Choice® Flowering Shrubs.



Hydrangea (Zinfin Doll ®)

The abundant flowers of Zinfin Doll® hydrangea serve up a long-lasting shaded effect. Blooms start white and slowly turn wine-red. Strong stems ensure low maintenance.



Hyssop (Golden Jubilee Anise)

This award winning perennial is similar to ‘Blue Fortune’ but has showy golden-chartreuse to lime green foliage depending on sun exposure. Lavender blue, bottlebrush-like flowers are held on strong, upright stems from midsummer to early fall.



Kobold (Blazing Star)

This selection remains much more compact but produces the same well known showy spikes.



Marguerite (Orange)

This item is more compact than the others but makes up for it with vibrant lasting orange flowers.


Mint (Peppermint)

Classic peppermint flavor, useful for cocktails.



Peony (Bartzella)

This is a vigorous plant with an abundance of huge semi double to double lemon yellow blooms and small red flares that glow in the afternoon sun. The large, well formed blossoms carried high above the green foliage also make great cut flowers. This variety is certainly a favourite.



Poplar (Assiniboine)

This hardy deciduous tree produces natural upright growth with a somewhat pyramidal habit. Rich green foliage changes to shades of yellow in the fall. Resistant to stem canker, leaf rust and poplar bud gall mite.



Poplar (Okanese)

This hardy deciduous tree is fast growing with upright, narrow growth. Rich green foliage changes to shades of yellow in the fall. Disease resistant and drought tolerant.



Poplar (Prairie Sky)

This tree is highly desired for its upright growth habit and neat appearance. It grows very rapidly (1m/season) and is resistant to rust and canker.



Poplar (Sundancer)

This great poplar hybrid comes as a PFRA introduction and was selected for great upright and narrow growth as well as resistance to the bronze leaf disease.