Our company ultimately desires to be traditional farmers. That isn't the kind of farmer you know down the road here in Saskatchewan. A traditional farmer recognizes the power of diversity to fuel the land, nutrition, and a connection to the earth that our modern culture has lost. We could drone on and on about all of the ways that one could do this - but we also think this is a fantastic opportunity to share with you one of our favorite movies. If you haven't watched it, we can't recommend it enough:



We'll be heading towards creating our own version of the above in Saskatchewan, but for now we're starting small and beginning operations out of our home in Saskatoon. Initially, we are focused on three things:


  • Consultation with businesses & individuals on gardening and hydroponic subjects
  • Small batch produce, tuned towards customer need (flavor, presentation, cultivar development)
  • Plant stock & propagation


Current Projects


  • Indoor Hydroponic Strawberry Production (Seascape, Albion, Charlotte)
  • Indoor Lettuce Production (Speckled Lettuce, Romaine, Mesclun)
  • Cut Flower Propagation
  • Small Batch Annual & Perennial Plant Propagation
  • Gardening & Hydroponics Classes
  • Capital Project & Health Canada Licensing Framework Consultation


Future Projects


  • Greenhouse Operations
  • Traditional Farm
  • U-Pick Strawberry (Saskatoon)