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Dill (Fern Leaf)

The perfect patio container dill! Unlike taller, floppy varieties, these dwarf, compact plants do not need staking and won’t topple over. Add in later flowering and lush, dark green leaves, and you’ve got plants that look great all season. Use it fresh, frozen and dried to enjoy the taste all year long.



Mint (Peppermint)

Classic peppermint flavor, useful for cocktails.




Originating from Greece, Oregano is a lovely low maintenance plant that does well in a moderate climate. Closely related to the mint family it has an earthy and peppermint like flavour profile, most often used in flavouring meats. 




A member of the mint family Rosemary has an aromatic presence and a pine or woods like taste to it. Long living, easily managed and sporting a variety of colourful flowers over needle like leaves, this herb is best used to season meats and roasted potatoes.