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Grass (Avalanche Feather Reed)

A great new variegated form of feather reed grass with similar habit to the well known Karl Foerster. The leaves are green with a bright white margin. Feathery seed heads form in late summer and persist through fall and winter for excellent late season appeal.



Grass (Indian Steel Indian)

This native grass cultivar has steel-blue foliage with hints of light green. Tall flower spikes are topped with yellow flowers, and beautiful bronze fall color. In addition, it is drought tolerant, tolerates poor soils, and requires little maintenance.



Grass (Prairie Blues Little Bluestem)

This grass cultivar has a great, upright form with greyish blue, narrow blades. It takes on an orange hue in the fall which compliments the fluffy, silvery seedheads. Excellent for dry and eroded sites.



Grass (Rain Dance Big Bluestem) #2

Deep green foliage emerges in spring with red tips, but the real show begins in fall when it turn all maroon-red in fall. Tall, deep red inflorescences sway in the fall breeze. Striking. Propagation is prohibited.