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Apple (Kerr Crab)

Kerr Crabapple Tree is a unique cross of Dolgo crabapple and Haralson apple which bears large, flavorful, crisp and juicy, dark red fruit. Kerr is very hardy, productive and disease resistant. A favorite with kids, attractive Kerr fruit is great for fresh eating and makes tasty jelly.



Apricot (Baker's Gold)

Produces clingstone, orange fruit that are much sweeter than Westcot. Excellent for eating fresh or canning. Selected at the Baker colony near Bagot, Manitoba.


Apricot (Debbie's Gold)

Produces freestone, orange-yellow fruit that are slightly sweeter than Westcot. Excellent for eating fresh or canning. Blooms several days later than other cultivars.


Blueberry (Northblue)

Northblue is a great selection with a great upright form and good vigour. The flavour is distinct and makes for exellent fresh eating.



Cherry (Crimson Passion CVI)

Crimson Passion produces the largest and sweetest fruit of the prairie hardy dwarf cherries. Fruit can be eaten fresh or processed and used in cooking.



Cherry (Cupid)

This recent release from the group of dwarf cherries produces the largest and the latest fruit. The flavour is good for eating and cooking and the plant shows good vigour.



Cherry (Juliet CVI)

This variety is a favourite for fresh picking and eating due to a good sugar content and nicely sized fruit. It has moderate vigour and a low sucker count.



Cherry (Romeo)

Good fruit for fresh eating and processing. Deep red colour is similar to Carmine Jewel but it ripens later in the season. The plant is very productive and is the best choice for making juice.



Cherry (SK Carmine Jewel CVI)

Carmine Jewel has been gaining in popularity in recent years due to it’s widespread success in the landscape. It is very hardy and produces piles of fruit good for eating, cooking, flavouring, or making wine. It is also an excellent landscape plant.



Currant (Ben Nevis Black)

This is a very productive plant with large, firm berries. The plants are very disease resistant, hardy, and dependable.



Currant (Red Lake)

Red Lake Red Currant is a small shrub that is commonly grown for its edible qualities, although it does have ornamental merits as well. It produces clusters of red round berries which are usually ready for picking from early to mid summer. The berries have a tart taste and a juicy texture.


Currant (White Pearl)

A prolific bearer once fully established. In spring, clusters of yellow-green flowers are followed by long, hanging clusters of ripe, round, “pearl-White” berries. Great fresh or in jellies and pies.



Gooseberry (Hinnonmaki Red)

Hinnonmaki Red produces large red fruit which is excellent for eating fresh as well as making tarts and jams.



Grape (Brianna)

Brianna is a medium to large grape that is greenish gold in colour. Slip skin grape. The flavour is very fruity with hints of tropical fruit like pineapple and mango. While it makes an excellent seeded table grape it is most popular as a juice grape, imparting a unique and complex flavour. The vine is an early producer with good vigour and productivity. It gives medium sized clusters within an orderly growth habit.



Grape (Kay Gray)

Kay Gray is a medium sized green grape with an almost golden coloration. It has a firm but yielding texture and slip skin. The grape is juicy and low in acid. The favour is mildly sweet with fruity undertones, an excellent table grape. The vine is a good producer, ripening in early September and gives grapes in many small clusters.